Diversity programs


When you move to another country, everything becomes a challenge. Differing culture, language, and customs raise your stress levels and can leave you overwhelmed.

I will help you turn this new opportunity into a positive and energizing experience. You will learn how to craft successful and worthwhile cross-cultural relationships while adapting to new cultural behaviors.

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Succeeding in a multicultural workplace is not easy. During my time as a United Nations professional staff member, I saw how difficult it is to work effectively in a multicultural environment.

Whether you are managing a culturally, linguistically, and geographically diverse team or simply need to communicate with your peers, the modern workplace is a complex social environment where success requires robust cultural skills.

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Starting a professional relationship with a person from another culture is often exciting and rewarding. But at times, you won't understand one another and communication won't be fluid. You may resent the other person's differences. You think something is wrong or you don't feel comfortable.

That is where we begin to work together. I am here to help you find common ground where professional development, and successful transitions will be possible. Afterward, you will experience changes that will open your mind to a multitude of new experiences, which in the end will grow your inner self and allow you to interact better in a multi-cultural environment.