When you move to another country, everything becomes a challenge. Differing culture, language, and customs raise your stress levels and can leave you overwhelmed.

I will help you turn this new opportunity into a positive and energizing experience. You will learn how to craft successful and worthwhile cross-cultural relationships while adapting to new cultural behaviors.

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International moves imply that spouses or significant others are making the move with you. Your loved ones might feel out of place or ignored, which can worsen the already nerve wrecking experience of moving.  I work  with expats and their families to help them get a solid footing and accomplish his or her goals.

With change comes opportunity. An international move offers incredible potential for success and advancement for the entire family. I can help your family get started. Contact me for a free consultation.

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Coaching is a relationship-driven profession that uses accelerated techniques to bring out the best in you. It utilizes empathy, the ability to be in the client's shoes. It is the process of understanding a client's subjective experience by vicariously sharing that experience, while maintaining an observer position. Your life experiences make you unique. We are partners working together and focusing on your success. 

This unique relationship between client and coach is only about YOU, the client. It is about your goals, the accomplishments you want, the life you want to live, and how I can support you in getting there. Coaching is a tool to learn self-awareness, the ability to know ourselves as well as the impact we have on others. It is an inner search for who we really are.

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Global competition and changing workforce demographics are some of the major factors affecting the choices and experiences of working people worldwide.

In this environment, it is very difficult for people to clearly assess their career options, creating anxiety and uncertainty. I will help you reduce the pressure and learn to identify your competitive advantage.

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Companies today care as much about your personality and interpersonal skills as they do your qualifications and technical abilities. I am trained to use behavior-based methods to fine-screen applicants during the selection process. To succeed, you must master the behavioral interview, which is inquisitive and complex. You need to give answers that are true to your nature while highlighting your ability to fit within the company. The recruiter will probe deeply and will require specifics. I can help you be as prepared as possible for your job search by developing stories that highlight your personality, strengths, and accomplishments.